Patrick’s Journey with Flowers



Patrick Williams 1991- Kyoto, Japan

In 1991 I was in Kyoto, Japan looking across a small pond toward Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion, when my traveling companion, quite unexpectedly, said to me, “This trip is going to change your art.” I didn’t think much about his pronouncement at the time, but when I returned home something had changed; in me as an artist and in the feeling quality of my art making. My paintings up to that time were mainly abstract and non-representational.  In my nearly two decades of painting and drawing I had not been interested nor experimented with realism, nor had I ever painted or drew a flower.
studio view

The first painting I made after returning from Japan was a self-portrait, then a shell, then a bone. Then, as a sacred epiphany, the flowers came to me with ease and grace. Rather instinctually, I “knew” or perhaps remembered how to paint flowers.  After a few years of painting flowers, I began to sense something was missing.  The flowers were urging me to go deeper, to “feel” them, to know them beyond simply their beauty and delight.


Fire Ginger


 I slowed down, listened, and underwent a creative transformation whereby I began to understand that indeed, flowers, like people, have an essence and energy that is unique to each flower. In a rather lyrical manner, the flowers awakened in me a reverence for their emotive capacity and healing components. I began to feel instinctually that the flowers, and the way I was approaching them creatively, were influencing me at a level of divinity that only nature can do, and infusing me with great joy!

I have painted about 150 flowers since that long-ago trip to Japan. The flowers have found their way across the world, now residing in private homes, corporate offices, schools, and a series of flowers were gifted by a client to a  children’s hospital in Tianjin, China. It is this joy and deep feeling quality that I put into each flower painting and it is my intention that, in addition to the sheer beauty of the paintings,  you too will appreciate and experience the visceral emotion, robust healing energy, and elegant harmony that each flower painting holds as its essence.



Pastel Iris